Jesus as a Teacher Are you ready to live his teachings in the 21st century? Sorry, your browser does not support inline SVG. Please upgrade your browser.
Jesus as a Teacher Are you ready to live his teachings in the 21st century? Sorry, your browser does not support inline SVG. Please upgrade your browser.
Jesus as a Teacher Are you ready to live his teachings in the 21st century? Sorry, your browser does not support inline SVG. Please upgrade your browser.

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On Saturday afternoon wonderful workshops will be given by some of our Urantia Book readers. They have chosen beautiful, important and touching subjects to work with. And their topics are certainly all very important in the 21st Century. See the available workshops below.

Jesus as a Teacher on the Equality of Men and Women

By: Antoinette Hall

The purpose of this workshop is to engage the attendees in the thoughtful process of the current inequalities between men and women that still exists in the modern world. There has been a shift in today’s age where women are starting to be recognized on an equal footing as men, yet this has always been the teachings of Christ from 2000 years ago.

My desire is to bring a deeper understanding of Jesus’ instructions on equality, the importance of raising awareness on this critical subject, and inspiring change now and into the future.

Did Jesus want a Church?

By: Christian Ruch

The big churches see Jesus Christ as their founder. But is this justified, seen from the perspective of the UB? Which kind of „church“ (or other form of community, if any) did Jesus want us to come together in? And what does that mean for Christians within but also without church? Is it actually possible to be a Christian without any church? How do churches work today for the Kingdom of Heaven? And where, on the other side, do they fail? These are some of the questions the workshop will discuss.

Scientific Predictions of the Urantia Book

By: Geoff Taylor

When both science and religion become less dogmatic and more tolerant of criticism, philosophy will then begin to achieve unity …

The Urantia Book contains science that was known but not mainstream in 1935. This workshop will compare the 31 scientific predictions evaluated back in 1987 to see if more now agree. Theories ‘crystallizes’ (UB (1459:3) 132:3.3) Are these changes making the science in the Urantia Book more plausible?

To be a good teacher, like Jesus, we need to evaluate our discussions above the material and into the spiritual but to be credible we should understand where they conflict.

Fostering ways to Share the Teachings of Jesus

By: Geri Johnson

Of Jesus it is said: “As a rule, to those he taught the most, he said the least.” and “… He was equally adept in teaching by either asking or answering questions.”. This interactive workshop will look at fostering deep listening and framing questions to expand one’s perspective, ways Jesus employed to encourage loving unconditionally and how to become more adept at sharing the Father’s love.

The Lord’s Prayer: A time for Praying and Worship in light of Jesus’s teachings

By: Jimmer Prieto

Master, …‘teach us how acceptably to pray to the Father in heaven.’

This has been an urgent question made by hungry believers through generations, a question made by Truth seekers over the world, a seriously urgent question in Century 21st. The Lord’s Prayer is a unique prayer given to Urantia as other planets of Nebadon have their own. As we pray according to His teachings 2000 years ago–honest of heart and intelligently, according to light– let’s explore along this workshop such pearls of wisdom encrypted in the Lord’s Prayer towards the communion of true worship.

Parable story telling: the Master’s technique of teaching

By: Kathy Moore

In this workshop we will examine Jesus’s technique of using parables to teach spiritual concepts. He used this method of teaching to urge the people to think and to come to their own conclusions. During the workshop we will endeavor to each create a parable that we can apply in our life, when given an opportunity. Ultimately we will begin to think as Jesus did.

Jesus was a teacher who taught as the occasion served; he was not a systematic teacher. Jesus taught not so much from the law as from life, by parables. (and when he employed a parable for illustrating his message, he designed to utilize just one feature of the story for that purpose. Many wrong ideas concerning the teachings of Jesus may be secured by attempting to make allegories out of his parables).

As she passes by: Bringing Jesus’s teachings to life

By: Doreen Heyne (USA), Katharina Becker (USA), and Line St-Pierre (CA)

A team of three women have adopted a new model of sharing which is called the Fishbowl experience. Through this discussion we will focus on how we can share the teachings of Jesus in the way he did—as we “pass by.”

First, participants will witness a conversation among three Daughters of God about embracing, sharing and living the teachings of Jesus throughout their life experiences. Then the participants will be invited to contribute their own understandings and examples of living the teachings. The purpose of this workshop is to make us become more aware of the privilege that is granted to us to participate in God’s plan, the importance of our involvement in the projects of God, the power granted us, and the responsibilities that arise from this power.

And it behooves the Master’s followers in all ages to learn to minister as “they pass by” — to do unselfish good as they go about their daily duties.

The Spiritual Power of the Positive Injunction and how can we use it

By: Guy Perron

For many of us, the word injunction can have a strong and not necessarily positive connotation. Nevertheless, Jesus often used the positive injunction to create deep morontial and lasting impressions in the souls of the persons he was interacting with. He used it repeatedly in training his apostles and quite often as he was doing good as he passed by. It was a way to create powerful reinforcement on the individual’s good will to progress spiritually.

By the beginning of this year Jesus had fully won his mother to the acceptance of his methods of child training— the positive injunction to do good in the place of the older Jewish method of forbidding to do evil.

Let’s get together and look at ways we can use the power of the positive injunction in our own daily living.

The Historical Jesus

By: Francisco Fuentes

What we know about Jesus from a historical point of view, and how had it influenced our own beliefs.

Do we know about Jesus more than any other “historical character or individual”? (Sabemos más del Jesus histórico que de otros personajes de la Historia?)

It is about, on this basis, that we the attendants speak how we become believers, and how is it possible without irrefutable probes of any kind of the existence of Jesus Christ, that we had made his teachings our way of living.

NOTE: Some written material will be given in form of notes and some photos or drawings. After 15 minutes of outspoken exposure, the rest 45 minutes are intended to be very participating for just the attendants can express their own opinions about the wonder of Christ Mikel teachings. We will summarize the conclusions reached.

Strengthening Our Personal Engagement with the Master

By: Chuck Thurston

The goal of this workshop is the development of a greater personal engagement with Jesus, both as a spiritual teacher and as a Master of all aspects of the human experience.

When he smiled on a man, that mortal experienced increased capacity for solving his manifold problems.

Can this profound feeling of Jesus smiling upon us become a part of our daily lives? A real relationship with Jesus is, I believe, the key to living his teachings. We will approach this outcome by focusing on the Spirit of Truth in relation to our Thought Adjusters, and how they work together to bring us into a day-to-day experience with the Master.

The Super Solution: Download the God App

By: James Woodward

Jesus taught enlightened living through stress elimination and he lived what he taught. Communion was the secret to his unfailing forgiveness, matchless good will, and abounding love. The Master did not avoid problems; he relaxed and trusted in worshipful problem solving. The Jesus technique of true worship is available to you, or anyone who downloads the God app. It’s free and easy to install—you have plenty of space on your soul drive. This upgrade is guaranteed to expand your capacity for spiritual receptivity.

Jesus-Inspired Self-Mastery

By: Luis Garcia-Bory

God created you and has designed a perfect plan for us. And yet, from time to time, we are afraid; we suffer and despair. We are human. Jesus took adversity as a catalyst for personal growth and enhanced spiritual discernment by focusing his actions on loving service. He left us a blueprint where courage, wisdom and fortitude are at the centre of human self-mastery potential.

In this workshop we will examine together how our inherent human vulnerability and fragility come to create negative emotions that affect our lives. And we will find in The Urantia Book inspiration, guidance and practical ways in which we can bring to our lives greater Jesus-inspired self-mastery on a daily basis.

Please join us! It promises to be fun and inspiring!

A way of Life in the Family of God: a course in Spiritual Formation

By: Marvin Gawryn

How can we mobilize our faith - thus allowing the Spirit to more fully transform us - so that we can truly begin to live in spiritual family relationships, with God as our heavenly Parent and all human beings as our spiritual sisters and brothers?

“Spiritual Formation” is a process wherein we clarify, organize and integrate the central spiritual truths in our lives - the great gifts, the "exceedingly great and precious promises of God," - so that we can live out these truths, embody them, … and then share them with our fellows."

For those who are unable to attend, some the workshops will broadcast live at: This site also gives you information on the upcoming schedule of presentations throughout the conference.